Health Hub

Rural local health care providers are facing unprecedented challenges in ensuring the right mix of services is available to meet the health care needs of their local communities. These communities are often located in remote settings and have many gaps in clinical services and other health social services. They also tend to have both a high prevalence of chronic disease and mental health conditions which result in a high burden of care and difficulty attracting and retaining qualified clinical, inter-professional and administrative staff. In response to these challenges, many rural local health care providers have developed innovative solutions and have begun to work collaboratively to improve access, strengthen efficiencies and enhance the quality of health care for their communities. With the work that has already been accomplished, rural communities are well-positioned to leverage these existing collaboration and relationship based referral processes towards the establishment of a rural health hub. Some rural communities have not yet initiated a rural health hub process and other communities have gone as far as they can without the support of government policy and/or legislation.


Arnprior and Area Rural Health HUB (AARHH)

The AARHH wants to make the Arnprior community healthier, build partnerships, and find efficiencies in how we deliver care to the community. The goal is that we can take what we learn from this first phase, focusing on diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and expand in the future.

We welcome your input. If you have questions about the AARHH, please contact Jason Moore ( to learn more.