Person and Family-Centered Care

Using a person- and family-centered approach to care, we encourage patients and their families to partner with our health care teams. Our approach enhances the quality of partnerships with individuals accessing care, ultimately improving clinical outcomes and the person and family’s experience and satisfaction with the care and services received.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

PFAC is a group of volunteer patients and family members from diverse backgrounds who have had experiences using the services at Arnprior & District Memorial Hospital (ADMH). These advisors work alongside hospital staff as quality improvement partners, providing a fresh and insightful perspective on what is needed to address the current gaps in the system and to improve the patient experience. Patient and family engagement takes away the need for staff to make assumptions about what patients value and how they and their families can contribute. In turn, this leads to improvements in the overall patient experience. 

Examples of areas that PFAC has contributed to include: improving hospital signage and wayfinding; recommending the introduction of white boards in emergency and inpatient rooms; providing recommendations on food quality and menu planning; developing the Patient and Family Information Handbook and Patient Code of Conduct; and selecting new bedside curtains and window covers for inpatient rooms.

For more information, please contact Raeline McGrath, Chief Nurse Executive, at 613-623-3166 ext. 237 or [email protected]

The Friends and Family Council at the Grove

The Friends and Family Council is a group of family members, friends and representatives who meet regularly to discuss pertinent issues related to the Home. Families and friends are encouraged to attend meetings and discuss ideas and concerns. The Friends and Family Council serves as a support group as well as a link between families, friends and staff.

The Grove Residents’ Council

Residents’ Council is a group of residents and their representatives who meet routinely to discuss pertinent issues related to the Home.  Residents are encouraged to attend meetings and discuss ideas and concerns, and to represent their peers when voicing opinions. The residents elect the executive annually. The Council provides a strong line of communication between the residents and administration.