Restorative Care

The Restorative or Complex Continuing Care

The Complex Continuing Care Unit provides care for short term reconditioning and palliative care to the community using a patient- and family- focused model of care.

Criteria for admission include: active rehabilitation/reactivation, palliative care and complex continuing care. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has mandated that a co-payment be charged to a patient who is unable to return home once active care is no longer necessary. This includes patients in a regular acute care section of a hospital who are awaiting placement in a complex continuing care unit or nursing home. Some patients may receive full or partial exemptions from the co-payments. For more information, contact our Patient Flow Coordinator (ext. 219).

Patients wear their own clothing, which should be comfortable and non-restrictive. Labelling of clothing is the responsibility of the patient or family. Acceptable footwear includes low, supportive shoes and slippers with non-slip soles.

Daily activities are provided during a patient’s stay on the Complex Continuing Care Unit. Examples include baking groups, exercise, bingo, entertainment, news and views, crafts, gardening group and home cooked breakfasts.


Discharge Planning

The Patient Flow Coordinator provides support and guidance for a safe and timely discharge plan that addresses your needs and those of your family.  If you have questions about alternative accommodations (e.g. retirement homes, long-term care facilities, supportive housing or hospice) the Discharge Case Manager will help you. The goal is to provide a smooth transition back into the community, so the Patient Flow Coordinator will also assist you in determining your eligibility for home-based care through the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC).

For more information, please contact the Patient Flow Coordinator at 613-623-7962 ext. 219.