Surgical Services

Arnprior Regional Health is proud to provide a wide array of clinical specialists at the Arnprior & District Memorial Hospital (ADMH)

Should you require a consultation with any of the specialists listed below please ask your family doctor for a referral.


Specialists/Clinics Provided at ADMH

Cosmetic Surgery Dermatology
General Surgery Hematology
Immunology Nephrology
Neurology Ophthamology
Orthotics Psychiatry


Visiting Specialists

Allergy Frankish, C.
Cosmetic Surgery Abboud, J.
Cosmetic Surgery Silverman, H.
Dermatology Sack, J.
Ear/Nose/Throat Schramm, D.
General Surgery Gutauskas, A.
General Surgery Monaghan, R.
General Surgery Syme, R.
Gerentology Dalzeil, B.
Geriatric Psychiatry Thomas, G.
Hematologist Taylor, R.
Nephrology Delbrouck, N.
Ophthalmologist Conrad, D.
Orthopedics Prihar, R.
Orthopedics Ritter, D.
Orthopedic Surgery Brown, C.
Palliative Care Scott, J.
Pediatrics Francu, C.
Psychiatry Rae, C.
Psychiatry, Child Chiefetz, P.
Urology De Jesus, F.