About Us

About Arnprior Regional Health

Our Vision – Together, we create a healthy community.
Mission – As your partner in health, we deliver compassionate, quality care each day.
Values – Honesty Accountability Respect Teamwork

Arnprior Regional Health (ARH) is constantly changing and growing to meet the needs of our local communities. ARH is  a regional leader and ‘hub’ for selected acute, long-term care and other health care services. We are no longer just a hospital and a nursing home – we are much more. We are responding to the needs of our communities, keeping pace with new clinical innovations such as less evasive surgical procedures, therapies and drug treatments, and finding new ways of delivering care in a community setting.

For example, we introduced the  Assisted Living Services Program. We broadened our surgical program, with a greater focus on day surgery. And we expanded our Telemedicine program, to virtually link patients to health care providers without the need for travel. By bringing all of these services under the ARH umbrella, we can provide enhanced patient/client/resident care and improved navigation of the health care system.

We are building upon a long history of caring for our communities – continually evolving to meet their needs. And we are keeping in touch to understand your needs and to move forward together. That commitment and caring will not change.


Senior Team

Eric Hanna
President and CEO
Tel: 613-623-7962, ext 220
E-mail: eric.hanna@arnpriorhealth.ca

Leanne Gray 
Vice President, Finance and Support Services
Tel: 613-623-7962, ext 223
Email: lgray@arnpriorhealth.ca

Susan Leach
Vice President of Patient/Resident Services Chief Nursing Executive
Tel: 613-623-7962, ext 237
E-mail: sleach@arnpriorhealth.ca

Ron Marcotte
Vice President, Human Resources
Tel: 613-623-7962, ext. 393
E-mail: rmarcotte@arnpriorhealth.ca

Nahanni McIntosh
Manager, Communications & Engagement
Tel: 613-623-7962 x293
E-mail: nmcintosh@arnpriorhealth.ca

ARH Foundation
Bruce Hill
Executive Director
Tel: 613-623-7962, ext.532
E-mail: bruce.hill@arnpriorhealth.ca