Photo Tour of The Grove

The Grove is designed to deliver specialized, home-like care within three Resident Home Areas (RHAs) – one on the ground floor and two on the second floor accommodating 32 residents in each RHA.

Each RHA has 20 private rooms with a private ensuite bathroom, and 12 semi-private rooms with two residents sharing an ensuite bathroom. A shared spa, living area, dining room, activity space and harvest room are located in each RHA.

Residents from across the three RHAs share the Front Gathering Room, Chapel, secure porches and secure courtyard.

Main entrance to the Grove with convenient access to free parking in a dedicated parking lot.

Front Gathering Room where residents can visit loved ones and come together to enjoy special entertainment and events.

The secure garden is a welcoming outdoor space landscaped with colourful flowers and plants in the warmer months.

Each Resident Home Area has a dedicated dining room and servery with a centrally located kitchen.

Each Resident Home Area has a shared spa with a therapeutic tub and accessible shower.

Private rooms include a lovely view and ensuite bathroom.

Semi-private rooms include increased privacy a dedicated window for each resident and an ensuite bathroom shared with one other resident.

Ensuite bathrooms are accessible and connected to each private or semi-private room.