Adult Day Program

December 2023 Calendar of Events

Our Adult Day Program benefits frail/elderly adults with disabilities and/or cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s or dementia) who are living in the community. The program offers social and recreational programs in an engaging environment and operates Monday – Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Activities are structured to highlight the strength of individuals in groups as well as independently through memory stimulation games like crossword puzzles, word games, news and views, word search and trivia games. The Adult Day Program attendees also have the opportunity to enjoy entertainment, cards, physical and social games and fitness geared to the level of their individual ability. Staff are also able to cue attendees about taking medication and to provide assistance with personal care.

Perhaps one of the main benefits of the Adult Day Program is for the family members, especially the primary caregiver. Caregivers have the opportunity to take time to care for themselves, knowing their loved one is getting the chance to socialize, participate in activities in line with their abilities and interests and take part in a pleasurable dining experience.

Caregivers or individuals who are interested in this program are encouraged to contact the Adult Day Program team at 613-622-5574 ext. 2 or email: [email protected].

A tour of the facility can be arranged to observe the activities, meet some of the staff and answer any questions you may have. The Adult Day Program carries a minimal charge of $20.00 per day, which includes lunch and snacks.

Local transportation options are available.

Success with the Adult Day Program

Before being introduced to The Grove Nursing Home daytime program, 68 year old Ben* had nowhere to turn. His wife, Diane, had been battling Parkinson’s disease for over 20 years and had recently developed Dementia. As her mind and body continued to deteriorate, her condition completely consumed both of their lives.

Taking care of Diane became a full time job. Ben found that he was so focused on his wife that he wasn’t able to take care of the other needs in his life. Work began to pile up and he found that his mood had worsened and his temper was getting shorter and shorter. He knew that it was time to reach out for help.

Diane now attends The Adult Day Program program three days a week. From 9:30 until 3, she is able to make friends and utilize her social skills while taking part in a suite of fun and interactive activities. Ben has really noticed a change in his wife as he has begun to see her bubbly personality again.

Ben has also been able to reap the benefits of this experience. With five extra hours in the day, he is able to accomplish so much more. He can go shopping, visit family, and even get some extra sleep. He is able to do things for himself that he hasn’t been able to do in years. With this break in the day, Ben is now able to enjoy the time that he does get with his wife. The experience has drastically improved their relationship.

Ben says that without the help of the supportive staff and volunteers at the Grove, he wouldn’t be able to function and that he wouldn’t be able to go on. This program allows the couple to continue living together in their home, and that is the greatest gift that they could ask for.

Story credit: Courtney Burnett, August 2013