Strategic Plan & Corporate Goals

2024/25 Strategic Goals

2023-26 Strategic Plan Overview

Arnprior Regional Health includes a dynamic acute care hospital, long-term care home, and community services. With an aging population and a healthcare system in the midst of significant transformation, the organization must take proactive steps to ensure that the corporation is positioned to be an effective health service provider, today and in the future. We will need to make choices about how and what services we provide, and which processes can be further refined to create a better patient/resident/client experience. In addition, we must continue to effectively respond to increasing needs for accountability in areas such as quality of care and achieving a balanced budget.

Our strategic plan outlines themes and goals the corporation will need to achieve as it participates in the transformation of the provision of health services locally and regionally. Benefits of our strategic plan include:

  • keeping the organization focused on the future in addition to managing day-to-day affairs;
  • helping the organization to set priorities among competing demands for resources (budget and staff);
  • allowing the organization to engage and be accountable to the community;
  • supporting partnerships with other health service providers in order to create a more integrated health system; and
  • providing a framework for management reporting to the board on key strategic issues such as quality, program/services and human resources.

To achieve the strategic goals identified in this report, management will develop annual goals with corresponding specific measures and related targets. The Board of Directors will provide a mix of foresight, oversight or ongoing insight with respect to the implementation and monitoring of the strategic goals.