Grove Nursing Home wins Community Connection Award

April 19, 2017 –

The Grove Nursing Home has won AdvantAge Ontario’s Community Connections Award for bringing together the Arnprior community to provide music to residents with dementia. For its winning entry — the “Personalized iPod Project” — The Grove partnered with Arnprior Public Library to raise $4,100 in order to provide each of The Grove’s residents with an iPod and a personalized music playlist. Residents use their personalized iPod to listen to their favourite music, which helps improve their behaviours and, ultimately, their care.

The Grove initially surveyed each resident to discover their music preferences. Then, the home turned its attention to promoting the fundraising campaign to the community. The Grove held a green-screen photo shoot with residents at the library to help with marketing.

Once the campaign went public, the Arnprior community jumped on board. People began dropping off used iPods to the library. The Arnprior Rotarians donated $500. In addition, musician Craig Cardiff held a concert with half of the proceeds going to The Grove. By October 2016 – only six months after the idea was born — the fundraising goal was met, and each of The Grove’s 61 residents had a personalized iPod and playlist.

Under the program, the library repurposed donated iPods from the community. The Grove then signed them out on a corporate library card, and used any funds raised to buy music. Now, devices are borrowed for three months. After that, any requiring an updated playlist are returned to the library, where volunteer high school students update them. Any iPods that continue to meet the musical tastes of the residents are simply renewed.

Providing each resident with a personalized iPod has enhanced the resident experience and has raised awareness about the power of music in senior care. The program has now expanded to the community after library patrons began asking to borrow devices for family members with dementia living at home, in seniors’ residences, and other long-term care homes.

“Through its Personalized iPod Project, The Grove has shown the Arnprior community how it is improving resident well-being and is advancing senior care,” says Catharine Gapp, AdvantAge Ontario CEO. “We are proud to recognize The Grove with this special award.”

The Community Connections Award is given by AdvantAge Ontario to recognize a program or initiative that benefits both long-term care residents and community members, and enhances an organization’s profile as a leader in senior care.

About The Grove

For 25 years, The Grove long-term care home has provided for the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs of its residents through a multi-disciplinary approach that transcends departments.

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