Sunshyne Mason: Proud and inspired to be part of The Grove family

Sunshyne Mason: Proud and inspired to be part of The Grove family

When Sunshyne Mason was growing up in the mountains of Colorado, she would take her dad’s hammer and break open rocks in hopes of discovering gold. She was determined to become an archaeologist.

By the time high school came around, Sunshyne’s dream shifted to an interest in accounting which would help steer her toward her eventual position as the Business Office Coordinator at The Grove Nursing Home.

Sunshyne Mason, Business Office Coordinator

“I wanted to take an accounting course in high school, but the school was small and didn’t offer it,” explained Sunshyne, who has worked at The Grove for 24 years. “One teacher said she would teach it if I would take it – and I did. It was the first time she had taught the course and I was the only student – I just loved it.”

Relocating to Canada

Sunshyne ended up moving up to Ontario with her Canadian mom and they settled in Arnprior. Her aunt had worked at the Grove for many years and knew Sunshyne’s office and accounting skills would be helpful.

“I came to the Grove to volunteer and the administrator at the time hired me the first day,” said Sunshyne. “I have now been at the Grove half as long as I’ve been alive – I basically grew up here.”

Many different hats

Through her 24 years at the home, Sunshyne has worn and continues to wear many different hats in her Business Office role and is currently focused on the new build and COVID-19.

“There are so many different parts to this role which I is what I love – you come in and there’s always something new,” she said. “With this job you have to know a little bit of everything, and I do my best to help everybody.”

But the best part is interacting with residents.

“When I arrive, I’m always greeted by the residents in the lobby and it instantly makes my day better,” reflected Sunshyne. “The focus of our work is completely on them – that’s who I care about, that’s who is most important and that’s why I love my job.”

A new home for the Grove family

For Sunshyne, working at the Grove is being part of a big family.

“Working at the Grove, I feel like I have gained 60 grandmas and grandpas,” she said. “These are the people who raised our generation and now we get to help them.”

Sunshyne is overjoyed that the new Grove is nearing completion and knows how much it will mean to the residents and the whole community.

“I’ve been here for so long I remember about 20 years ago when the idea first started. I know how badly our community needs more beds and I’m so proud that is has finally come to fruition!”

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