New isolation room coming soon to the Emergency Department in response to COVID-19

New isolation room coming soon to the Emergency Department in response to COVID-19

Construction has begun at Arnprior Regional Health (ARH) for an exciting upgrade that will help keep our patients, staff, and physicians safer.

In response to the COVID-19 experience, ARH is adding a second fully engineered isolation (negative air) room in the Emergency Department (ED) with funding support from the Ministry of Health. The space will provide a safe environment when patients require trauma and/or aerosolized procedures, or when patients are suspected to have an airborne infectious disease.

“Having additional isolation space has become a greater priority during the pandemic and this will provide a space for our team to care for patients who require negative air flow for their care and treatment in the ED,” said Sue Bremner, Manager, Emergency Department, Operating Room and MDRD, ARH.

When completed, the ED will have a negative air space with a full trauma bay (and space to allow for non-trauma stretchers) with an antechamber, a new fully accessible washroom, and an exterior entrance to the room.

“We’re creating space that is near the nursing station so patients can be closely monitored, and the external access will provide paramedics with easy and direct access to a patient care area dedicated for life-saving measures,” added Sue.

The contract was awarded to Jumec Construction and the work began in early summer 2021. Interior and exterior construction is currently underway, and the project is estimated to be completed by late fall 2021.

“Our team is working closely with the contractor to minimize the impact on the rest of the Hospital operations and keep the project timeline on track,” said John Gruno, Manager, Facilities, ARH. “The additional negative air room will be another significant safety enhancement that will benefit our patients, staff, and physicians.”