Kristy Cardiff: Here to support patients and their breast health

Kristy Cardiff: Here to support patients and their breast health

Kristy Cardiff knows how stressful it can be for women when they come in to have a mammogram and it is her goal to make it as comfortable as a possible.

“I want people to return for future mammograms because of its importance,” explained Kristy, Mammography Technologist, ARH. “I make it my mission to ensure every patient feels relaxed and comfortable.  I provide detailed step-by-step guidance of the imaging process, so the patient knows exactly what to expect.”

That approach has worked well.

“Many patients come back and say: ‘your calm demeanor and patience made me feel very comfortable.’”

The healthcare calling

Kristy comes from a family of healthcare workers (a few who also work at ARH) and from a young age, she had an interest in the body and the bones.

“I always knew I wanted to be in healthcare to help people.”

Kristy began her career as an x-ray technologist and after twenty years she made the shift to mammography in 2019. Kristy joined ARH’s Mammography Program as a casual staff more than a year ago and became a full-time team member in February 2022.

Kristy supports diagnostic mammography and the Ontario Breast Screening Program, and notes that mammography can be quite stressful because of the necessity to work with each patient to ensure you get every part of the breast and breast tissue for a comprehensive assessment.

Increased mammography volumes

ARH has successfully played catch up since the pause of non-urgent services during COVID-19 that impacted the Ontario Breast Screening Program (not diagnostic mammography).   The Hospital has one of the lowest wait times in the region and has targeted an annual volume increase to 2,900 patients to help decrease the wait time at other regional centres. Last year, ARH did 2,600 mammograms.

“I was a little worried with the impact of COVID-19 on mammography wait times, but our team has done an impressive job of following up with patients to get them in efficiently.”

Kristy is thrilled to be back in her hometown working at ARH in a career that she loves.

“I really enjoy it.  I know the importance of mammograms and that I’m the first step in the breast health journey. My focus is to ensure I’m giving each patient the best experience possible.”