Dallas Lawson: Invested in delivering exceptional nursing care to seniors

Dallas Lawson was certain he wanted to be in the medical field, and it came down to choosing a career in paramedics or nursing.

Nursing won.

Dallas Lawson, RPN, Grove Nursing Home

“In the end, I chose nursing because I liked the idea of seeing people through their care experience,” said Dallas, a RPN at the Grove Nursing Home.

A home in long-term care

When Dallas graduated from Durham College, he became an agency nurse in the Ottawa area and spent timing working in retirement homes before joining the Grove team two years ago.

“I really like working at the Grove,” said Dallas, who lives in Arnprior with his wife. “The staff are always supportive— we really do well as a team and it’s given me the chance to work with some of the best PSWs.”

A typical shift for Dallas starts with checking in with his colleagues for a report from the previous day. He then likes to do a walk around to see how the residents are doing.

“I like to visit with the residents, ask about their day and how their week has been,” explains Dallas.

He then gets his medication cart setup to do his rounds followed by carrying out any treatments, dressings or other care that is needed.

A focus on connecting with residents

Dallas appreciates that the nursing home setting allows him a chance to build rapport with the people he is providing care and really get to know them.

“The residents always have amazing stories about their lives,” said Dallas, “I like to learn about what they have brought to the world and how they’re doing now.”

Their good senses of humour always bring a smile to Dallas’s face.

“It’s great to see them engage in their recreation activities like bingo and euchre and the friendly competitions that go on.”

Dallas anticipates the new Grove will offer optimal space for the residents that will further enhance for their day-to-day lives.

As for the current Grove, Dallas remarked: “It’s a really good place to be.”