Chantale Wall: Giving back to advance quality healthcare closer to home

Chantale Wall: Giving back to advance quality healthcare closer to home

For 35 years, community work has been a focal point for Chantale Wall. Through her many career milestones and time spent raising her family, she prioritized volunteering.

Chantale’s community dedication did not waver when Chantale and her husband relocated from Ottawa to Arnprior in 2014.

“I asked one of my new neighbours if there was volunteer work I could get involved with and she shared details about her experience as a Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) member for Arnprior Regional Health (ARH),” reflected Chantale, whose corporate work focused on conference planning for organizations including The Canadian Association of Optometrist and The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. “I thought this would be really good way to get involved in the community. I wanted something that was in the medical field, administrative and would also allow me to reach people in need— this was a bit of all three.”

The need to be involved and help others

Chantale began her volunteer career at the YMCA in Ottawa and after three years, she was nominated for the Woman of Distinction Award to recognize her contributions to the community.

“At that time, I was working 70 hours a week but was still volunteering because I knew it was really important to be there for people who didn’t have someone to help them out,” she reflected.

For Chantale, volunteer work is a mainstay in her life.

“I think one of the most rewarding things is to do something for others and not want anything in return.”

The PFAC evolution and impact

Chantale joined ARH’s PFAC in its early days in 2014 and has witnessed the exciting evolution of the group and the impact it has on local healthcare.

ARH launched its PFAC in 2012 as a formal, effective, and meaningful way to engage patients and families so they can share their insights and perspectives to improve the quality of care, safety, and patient experience.

“Our PFAC has become quite a dynamic group and our role has increased in recent years,” said Chantale.

Each PFAC member is now involved in one (or more) of the eight ARH clinical committees, provides feedback on policies, sits on the hiring panel for senior leadership positions, reviews monthly quality care statistics and any patient complaint or feedback to help determine necessary improvements, and works towards accomplishing goals set out in the Quality Improvement Plan.

“When I say I’m a member of PFAC, I’m proud of that. It’s wonderful to be part of a committee that is moving forward and is about the quality of patient care.”

As a PFAC Member, Chantale has taken on the additional role as Secretary and sits on the Palliative Care Committee.

“When we review patient concerns, for example, our focus is on constructive feedback for the ARH Team and how can we make improvements,” explained Chantale. “I’m a positive person and I like to move forward so this approach works well for me.”

Staying active

For Chantale, staying busy and involved is important. In addition to her volunteer work with PFAC, she has volunteered at the Arnprior Vaccine Drive-Thru Clinic every Thursday since March helping with the administration and traffic direction.

She also helps her husband with his business and finds time for her home pastry business (which had to close temporarily during the pandemic, but she has managed to continue delivering home-baked goodies to seniors in the community).

With her daughter and grandsons not too far away in Pembroke, Chantale has made Arnprior home and fully embraces being an active member of the community – it is where she and her husband have chosen to put down roots as they age.

“My husband and I moved here to have everything we need close to home. The healthcare in Arnprior is excellent and it’s moving forward.”

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