Celebrating the dedicated volunteers who help make great health care possible

In honour of 2022 National Volunteer Week, Arnprior Regional Health (ARH) is spotlighting the exceptional contributions of three of the many volunteers who help make great health care possible.

Donna Anderson: Working collaboratively to strengthen local health care

When Donna Anderson and her partner retired to the Valley, they really didn’t know anyone in the area. Donna decided it was the right time to get involved in her new community as a volunteer.

With a background in human resource management health care, Donna set her sights on contributing her knowledge and experience to strengthen local health care. This June, Donna will wrap up eight years serving on the ARH Board of Directors.

“When I reflect on the last eight years, we’ve really been able to move the organization forward by attracting new physicians, enhancing the community programs, opening the new and expanded Grove, renewing the infrastructure and much more. We’ve done a lot in eight years.”

Donna reflects on how lucky she has been to volunteer with a group of dynamic, engaged individuals with the single focus of improving local health care.

“We as individuals can make a really big difference by ensuring we protect the great health care that we have in this community. Getting involved is a really enriching experience.”

Donna also volunteers with Hospice Renfrew and recently joined the Carefor Board of Directors.

Marjorie Kelly: Creating connections and friendships at The Grove

During the early waves of the pandemic, Marjorie Kelly continued her close connection with the Grove Nursing Home residents through frequent window visits and phone calls.

“I was able to go back to The Grove as a volunteer in August 2021 and I was very nervous returning because it had been quite a while,” shared Marjorie, Chair of The Grove Volunteers and a member of the ARH Auxiliary.

The nerves didn’t last long.

“Once I walked through the front door, you should have heard the residents. You could hear them down the hall: ‘Oh Marjorie is back.’ All they wanted to do that day is talk.”

In 2010, Marjorie’s friend let her know The Grove was looking for a volunteer to come in and do news and views, and she thought Marjorie would be good at that. Marjorie decided to give it a try and has been volunteering at The Grove ever since.

“I thought I could make a difference and connect with the residents – well I’ve made a lot of friends over the years let me tell you.”

Marjorie leads the Grove Volunteer Team, facilitates the news and views sessions, and runs the tuck cart that she brings around weekly with personal items and treats for the residents to purchase. She also recently joined the Grove Family and Friends Council.

Chantale Wall: Giving back to advance quality health care closer to home

Chantale Wall joined ARH’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) in 2014 and has witnessed the exciting evolution of the group and the impact it has on local health care.

ARH launched its PFAC in 2012 as a formal, effective, and meaningful way to engage patients and families so they can share their insights and perspectives to improve the quality of care, safety, and patient experience.

“Our PFAC has become quite a dynamic group and our role has increased in recent years,” said Chantale.

Each PFAC member is now involved in one (or more) of the eight ARH clinical committees, provides feedback on policies, sits on the hiring panel for senior leadership positions, reviews monthly quality care statistics and any patient complaint or feedback to help determine necessary improvements, and works towards accomplishing goals set out in the Quality Improvement Plan.

“When I say I’m a member of PFAC, I’m proud of that. It’s wonderful to be part of a committee that is moving forward and is about the quality of patient care.”