CEO Blog: The ARH Vision

March 2016 –

The vision of Arnprior Regional Health is to be recognized for exemplary care.  Achieving our vision is accomplished by establishing goals which continuously improve how we operate and deliver our care to patients, residents and clients.  In establishing these goals we need to ensure that we create improvement across more than one theme in our organization.  If, for example, we only focus upon financial goals, we may do so at the peril of the quality of our services.  At Arnprior Regional Health the Board of Directors establishes annual goals under 5 themes or, what we have come to call, pillars.  These pillars represent 5 categories of performance: Experience, Quality, People, Finance and Community.

To reach our full potential, we need to establish and cascade goals which impact all of our services including acute care, long term care and community programs and services.  The illustration that follows outlines the Board approved goals for 2016/17.

Arnprior Regional Health has made significant strides in performance as measured both internally and externally.  From previous successes and failures we have learned that we must:

  1. Ensure that our staff is aware of our annual goals.
  2. Be transparent and measure and communicate progress against the goals throughout the year.
  3. Create and communicate 90 day action plans for our goals.
  4. Practice our value of Accountability with respect to who owns the goal.
  5. Acknowledge progress or slippage in our plans.
  6. Celebrate success when the results have been sustained.

We also know that to be successful we need to engage the staff, physicians and volunteers in our plans.  We will do this through leader rounding on staff, open forums, and ensuring our meetings have an agenda item which allows for deliberation upon the organizations goals.

The Board of Directors of Arnprior Regional Health also play a pivotal role in ensuring that we succeed in achieving our goals.  Our skills based board will provide the necessary oversight, insight and foresight into the strategies and tactics we implement to achieve our goals.

In summary, at ARH we always start with the WHY – our Vision to be recognized for exemplary care.  Next, we describe the WHAT- what is it that we want to accomplish to achieve our vision – the WHAT are our annual goals.  Finally we describe the HOW – these are the tactics that will be developed to elevate our current practices and performance.  In most cases the tactics are NOT new, but rather existing practices that we need to refine or more often than not ensure the practice ALWAYS occurs.

The journey to exemplary care is just that…a journey.  While we need a structure such as strategic themes and aspirational annual goals, we need to remind ourselves of the quote from Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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