Stephanie Shier: Committed to getting in right by focusing on the details

Shortly after Stephanie Shier relocated from Montreal to Arnprior, she was exploring her new town when she came across the hospital and thought it would be somewhere she’d like to work one day.

“I was always interested in working in a doctor’s office or a hospital without realizing how competitive it would be and the different types of positions,” shared Stephanie.

A few years later, Stephanie was looking online for training and education opportunities when she came across Willis College’s Office Administrator/Ward Clerk Program that was geared towards hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Stephanie decided to apply and enrolled that year.

From placement to staff role

In 2014, Stephanie did her co-op placement at ARH focused on supporting Switchboard and Health Records. She was later hired in a casual position for Transcription and Health Records, and eventually moved into her current full-time Health Records Clerk role.

“It’s really busy and can be hectic at times, but my Health Records colleagues and manager make it worth all the stress – we have a lot of fun together.”

Stephanie has her regular duties each day – scanning emergency visits, inpatient discharges, day surgeries, labs from the day before and so forth – but she is always prepared to tackle the additional tasks (especially during the pandemic).

Committed to getting it right

Stephanie takes pride in her keen attention to the details and her ability to minimize errors.

“Part of this job is making sure when you scan all the documents into Meditech that they’re legible and easy to read – and sometimes that can be challenging,” said Stephanie. “I take my time and double check that all the information is correct, assigned to the right chart and do some investigating when necessary.”

Home life

Stephanie was born and raised in Montreal and moved to Arnprior in 2009 with her young family.

“I always wanted to live in Ontario, and the timing was right, so we just went for it.”

Stephanie’s daughter graduated from the University of Ottawa last year and is now enrolled in the Paralegal Program at Algonquin College. Her son graduated from Arnprior District High School last year and is taking this year to do extra courses.

Outside of work and family time, Stephanie enjoys going for walks, loves fishing and crocheting, and during the pandemic discovered Geocaching.