Roslyn Landriault: Approaching IT solutions from the staff perspective

Roslyn Landriault: Approaching IT solutions from the staff perspective

For many years, Roslyn Landriault was busy raising her six children and managing a restaurant in Renfrew. When her youngest kids (who are twins) were 12 years old, Roslyn went back to school to complete a diploma in Network Security.

“As my kids got older, life changed and I started to rethink my career path,” shared Roslyn, Manager, Information Technology, Arnprior Regional Health (ARH). “IT has always been an interest, but the focus was my family first.”

While Roslyn attended school from Monday to Friday, she worked full-time at the restaurant in the evenings and on weekends and snuck in her homework before the kids got home from school. She completed her two-year program in a year.

“I was set on getting it done and it was worth it in the end. Moving into IT has definitely changed my entire life.”

Roslyn Landriault, Manager, Information Technology

From corporate IT to healthcare IT

Roslyn started with Nova IT Solutions right out of school with a focus on corporate clients (most recently Lululemon). Then the opportunity at Nova IT Solutions came up to shift to health care and join the ARH Team.

“I was interested in health care, and I also live in the community. It’s been a complete 180 coming from corporate IT where you have all the money for IT investments and upgrades, but I love the feeling of indirectly helping patients and residents.”

Roslyn added: “I’ve always been a nurturer and fixer, so this role is a good fit.”

The 24/7 nature of health care has added an extra layer of complexity – especially when it’s necessary to implement IT upgrades.

“The Hospital and Grove are not environments you can bring down easily to do upgrades. For any hardware switches, we always must think of the patient/resident first and how it will impact them. We tend to have to do everything in the middle of the night. Whereas in corporate IT, you can pretty much schedule it anytime.”

Approaching IT through a customer service lens

Twenty-five years managing a restaurant has given Roslyn customer service experience that’s been an advantage in her IT roles.

“I understand how to work with people and that not everyone thinks the same way – my thought process in IT can be very different from someone in nursing,” said Roslyn. “My customer service background has also made me a little more relatable and helps me explain new technologies and troubleshooting approaches a little better to people.”

Roslyn added: “I tend to look at things more from a user perspective than a technical perspective and my focus is always how to make processes as easy as possible.”

Big milestones

Since coming to ARH in 2019, Roslyn and her team have completed numerous major infrastructure changes including the build of the new Grove’s system network, Meditech go-lives and the roll out of Office 365. The IT Team also managed the December 2021 cyber incident from the decision to shut down the network (go into code grey) through to the process of bringing the organization back online safely.

“The days are never dull – there’s always something going on, which keeps my work exciting.”

A passion for music, family and friends

When Roslyn isn’t at ARH, you may bump into her at Neat Café, a music venue in Burnstown, where she works a second job.

“That’s my fun – it’s my social life.”

The mom of six kids and three grandkids enjoys a big social life and is a self-professed concert junkie. When asked about her favourite concert, Roslyn shared: “I can’t pick just one, but my top two concerts so far have to be The Trews or Eric Church.”