CEO Blog: Accredited with Exemplary Standing

CEO Blog: Accredited with Exemplary Standing

October 2017 –

Confidence in the care we provide our patients, residents, and clients has been reaffirmed thanks to the report from the Chair of the Decision Committee at Accreditation Canada received September 29th which stated:

“The Accreditation Decision Committee is pleased to inform you that Arnprior Regional Health is accredited with Exemplary Standing under the Qmentum accreditation program.”

Receiving the status of Exemplary Standing represents the highest level awarded by Accreditation Canada.

Accreditation Canada surveys healthcare organizations across Canada to validate they are focused upon improving quality, reducing risk, and strengthening accountability so they can offer the best possible care and services.

This accreditation process was a journey which began following our last survey.  Opportunities for improvement cited in the 2013 survey were addressed immediately.  In the years following, the ARH team, supported by patients, residents, and clients, continuously implemented new processes that were consistent with the new standards outlined by Accreditation Canada.

“Accreditation Canada believes that standards set through a rigorous and diligent development process, support ongoing quality improvement measures in health care systems, leading to higher quality health services for all.”

Participating in the accreditation process is voluntary however it brings numerous benefits to Arnprior Regional Health.

  • If ARH were not accredited we would not be able to participate in medical school residency programs offered by Ontario Universities.
  • It supports our requests for new and expanded programs such as the recently approved expansion of the Grove Nursing Home.
  • Complements other external reviews such as the annual financial audit, mammography quality management program, MOHLTC inspection of Grove, and Public Health Inspections,

During the week-long onsite survey conducted in September, staff, physicians and volunteers were able to demonstrate compliance with more than 1500 standards.  Many of these standards reflect our values of Honesty, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork.   The evidence we provided the surveyors included numerous quality improvement activities which we completed in the past four years.

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