Matthew Hamlyn: Thriving in the Hospital’s collaborative environment

Matthew Hamlyn: Thriving in the Hospital’s collaborative environment

When Matthew Hamlyn and his fiancée relocated from his hometown in Newfoundland to her hometown in the Arnprior area, he was fortunate to land a community pharmacist position.

But he knew what he really wanted to do was work in a hospital.

“I always wanted to do something in healthcare but I didn’t know what that would be,” said Matthew. “At university, I sat down with the guidance counsellor and based on my courses I was most ready to apply to the school of pharmacy. I did some research and thought I could see myself doing that – especially if I could work in a hospital setting.”

A smooth transition from community pharmacy to hospital

Matthew Hamlyn, Staff Pharmacist, with his dog, Murph.

In 2019, Matthew began his ideal role as staff pharmacist at Arnprior Regional Health (ARH).

“I like it here a lot more than the community pharmacy setting,” explained Matthew. “At the Hospital, I work more clinically alongside other health professionals, which allows us to ask each other questions and provides me with a more comprehensive story about the patient I’m trying to help.”

The ongoing collaboration between members of the clinical team really stands out as a positive for Matthew.

“The ARH team experience has been the most enjoyable part of working here,” he said. “From day one, I felt that it was a welcoming place – very much like the town of Arnprior.”

Helping to lead narcotic safety improvements

As part of this year’s medication management strategic goal, Matthew has played a key role in reviewing the Operating Room’s (OR) current narcotic security procedures, exploring best practices, and recommending how to make improvements.

“Through this work, I was able to provide recommendations that were ultimately accepted and will make the use of narcotics safer for everyone,” said Matthew.

These changes were recently approved and will be implemented in the OR in the coming month.

“I put a great deal of work into collecting this information and presenting it” explained Matthew. “It was nerve-wracking but a proud moment to have my hard work acknowledged and my recommendations accepted.”

Finding a home in the Ottawa Valley

Matthew has enjoyed living in the Arnprior area (especially the warmer summer weather) even though he misses his family back in Newfoundland.

He and his fiancée dedicate a good amount of time enjoying and taking care of their dog, Murph.

“He’s a little rascal most of the time but he’s super sweet and we love him,” said Matthew. “We spend a lot of time walking him.”

When not walking Murph, Matthew enjoys being active – running or working out –and spending time with friends and family.

“I’m from Newfoundland so I also don’t mind a party – that’s always fun too.”

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