Physician Recruitment

The Arnprior & District Memorial Hospital Corporation offers a quality work life where physicians, staff and volunteers live by the values of Honesty, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork. We provide rewarding career opportunities for physicians and we are looking for additional family physicians to join our medical team in Arnprior.

We currently have a group of 14 general practitioners and 1 internist and many have their offices in the local clinic. This clinic — the Primary Health Care Centre, connects to the Arnprior & District Memorial Hospital, a modern facility with a very active surgical program and a large number of sub-specialists. ER/hospital privileges are also available to those interested. Below you will find a list of benefits and development opportunities included as part of your employment.

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Job Opportunities

Healthforce Ontario Physician Opportunities- Anrprior

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Why Work Here

Medical Practice Benefits

A variety of practice, as desired (may include office, hospital, emergency and operating room privileges)

  • Collegial medical staff
  • Ongoing continuing medical education sessions on-site
  • Flexible office arrangements
  • Office practice adjacent to the hospital
  • Ease of referrals to full range of visiting specialists
  • Full-service, general hospital with well-equipped and up-to-date facilities
  • Hospital patient satisfaction rates among the highest in Ontario

Financial Benefits

  • Opportunity to join a Family Health Group
  • Lower-cost housing than in an urban centre
  • The opportunity to work in a newly furnished 6 physician office suite, complete with administration support in place

Community Benefits

  • Small-town living only half an hour away from Ottawa/Hull
  • Situated at the junction of the Ottawa and Madawaska Rivers, Arnprior offers a variety of water sports and recreation
  • Affordable housing
  • Very diversified sector so spousal employment in Arnprior (or Ottawa) is a high probability
  • Broad range of excellent recreational activities
  • Sports centre, with two ice rinks and swimming pool
  • A community with an appreciation of history, culture and the arts


What Our Physicians Say About Our Hospital

“I am a big fan of ADMH & Arnprior”

“Continuity of care is important for me, as well as the ability to work in a style of practice that uses all my skills. I can work in OR, ER and as an anaesthetist. There is no professional isolation — another important factor. In terms of lifestyle, Arnprior offers a host of recreational opportunities. Its proximity to Ottawa is another huge plus for me.”

Dr. Mark Robson, Family Physician/Anaesthetist


“Working here is a general practitioner’s dream”

Dr. Cathy Greenough, Internist


“We offer a true family practice in all its elements”

I”Here, you’re a real doctor in every sense of the word, not just an office physician. You feel that you are part of a bigger process. In many ways, the general practitioners run the hospital because they can follow their patients right through. You don’t get this aspect of continuity of care or the feeling that you belong to a fraternity in a city hospital. But Arnprior is not only a good medical community in which to practise. The town’s location on two rivers and its proximity to Ottawa enable you to exercise your preferred lifestyle choice.”

Dr. Earl Gordon, Family Physician


“There are many reasons why I chose Arnprior to practise and why I continue to stay.”

We have ready access to multiple specialists.  The visiting specialty program is a huge advantage. Our internist, Dr. Cathy Greenough, provides us with multiple services for cardiology and gastroenterology, which decreases the necessity to make trips into Ottawa.  Dr. Greenough is incredibly accessible and knowledgeable. Arnprior itself is beautiful. I can cross-country ski almost from my backdoor, and downhill skiing is a quick jaunt away.  Arnprior offers a great lifestyle for the whole family, and the town’s proximity to Ottawa allows for an expanded cultural exposure for me and my family.”

Dr. Christine Schriver, Family Physician