Jen Theron: From 9-1-1 Dispatcher to the Grove’s Resident Care Coordinator

Jen Theron: From 9-1-1 Dispatcher to the Grove’s Resident Care Coordinator

Jen Theron began her career as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. She loved her role but eventually decided she wanted to get to know the people she was helping.

Jen Theron, Resident Care Coordinator, Grove Nursing Home.

“One of the things I always missed was building a relationship with the people I supported on the phone,” explained Jen, who became an RN four years ago and is now the Grove’s Resident Care Coordinator. “That’s why long-term care attracted me. I get to know the residents and their families, and I feel I can make more of a difference that way.”

Moving into a new role as COVID-19 ramps up

In January 2020, Jen made the shift from an RN on the floor to the Resident Care Coordinator just as COVID-19 was building momentum. The focus of her new role includes health and safety, administering care conferences, managing physician visits, and overseeing staff scheduling.

“I definitely miss being able to spend more time with the residents, but this role has been really interesting because I have a lot of different responsibilities and I get to wear many hats.”

When the COVID-19 outbreak hit, Jen began wearing even more hats as the Grove team came together to do everything possible to protect the home from the virus. As part of the COVID-19 efforts, Jen has focused on communicating accurate and timely information to staff, ensuring the team has adequate supplies of PPE, planning staff and resident surveillance testing, and working with public health on the infection control protocols during suspected outbreaks.

Teamwork strengthens the Grove’s response to pandemic

“I have really enjoyed the challenge,” reflected Jen. “There are certainly longer days at work, but I think a lot of our hard work as a team continues to pay off as we keep COVID-19 out of the Grove.”

For Jen, it is the Grove’s strong teamwork that stands out.

“I think the big win is that we continue to work collaboratively across all the different disciplines,” said Jen. “A big thank you to my co-workers and managers for doing their part to keep residents and staff safe.”