Mission Accomplished!   In August 2017, Premier Wynne announced funding for 36 additional beds at the Grove Nursing Home.  Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2018.  More information can be found at


The Grove Nursing Home is a beautiful facility located in a picture perfect setting of trees which creates a very homelike feeling for our residents.   That being said, the nursing home was built 30 years ago and does not necessarily meet the needs of our community today.   For example, more than 70% of our residents today require a piece of equipment (wheel chair, walker, etc) for getting to the dining room.

Unfortunately our dining room is not big enough to accommodate all of these necessary
appliances.  As a result we needed to temporarily expand the dining room across the hall.   In addition our home is not built to accommodate those with dementia unlike new homes that are built today.  Today newly constructed homes have layouts that ensure the residents do not become confined or confused due to dead end corridors.

But it is not just about rebuilding the home to today’s standards, more importantly, we need to expand the capacity of the Grove to respond to the ever increasing seniors population of our community.   In 2015, less than 20% of those qualifying for a nursing home bed were able to be accommodated at the Grove.   More than 40% left our community to receive care, and unfortunately in some cases they left their families!   Having equal access to long-term care beds such as communities of Renfrew and Almonte is not too much to ask for.

We need your support in advocating for this important community service.