Grove clients and residents to benefit from a stronger connection to the community

Grove clients and residents to benefit from a stronger connection to the community

Twice a week for the past three years Paul Wyatt attends the Adult Day Program (ADP) at the Grove Nursing Home – it’s an opportunity for him to get out of his home to socialize and enjoy new activities, like curling and bowling.

More than 15 years ago, Paul, a retired Ministry of Natural Resources District Manager, was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy – a brain disorder that causes serious problems with walking, balance and eye movements. He and his wife, Lynn, have since relocated to Arnprior from Espanola to be close to their adult children and three grandchildren.

Paul Wyatt enjoys the Petting Zoo event at the Grove

As Paul’s disease progresses, Lynn needs to be home more and it can be challenging to find time to run errands, attend appointments and enjoy personal time. The ADP gives her the ability to do that – and provides Paul with a break from his typical routine at home and an opportunity to socialize.

“I think the ADP has been great for Paul – I’m very happy with this program,” said Lynn.

A new manager focused on expanding the reach of Adult Day Program

Kim Saunders, the new manager of the Adult Day Program, Community Services and Recreation at the Grove, has extensive experience leading and growing adult day programs. Her current focus is to expand the ADP so that it serves more seniors living in the community.

“The ADP is a much-needed source of respite for family caregivers in our community,” said Kim. “It provides individuals who are supporting loved ones at home a break – and, it’s a place for frail seniors to connect with their peers and enjoy new and different activities.”

Kim is currently gathering feedback and assessing the best ways to build on the successes of the ADP to support more of the community. This includes how to improve transportation options, hours of operation, variety of activities and excursions, and specialized programming for different cohorts, i.e. people with dementia.

Reconnecting seniors with the community

Kim’s extensive nursing background includes experience in community health and long-term care. She understands that as you age and become more housebound or move into a nursing home, it can be quite devastating to lose connection with your community.

“My priority is to find new ways to get our clients and residents back into the community and the community into the Grove,” said Kim.

She’s already begun this shift. Kim and her team recently hosted a petting zoo event on site for the ADP clients and Grove residents; partnered with the Ottawa Valley Cruisers to host the Seniors Cruise Night event in the Grove parking lot; and next up is to have a Grove float in the local Santa Claus Parade.

“I really enjoy community health and long-term care and I’m excited at the possibility to improve our clients and residents’ quality of life,” said Kim.

The Adult Day Program is currently accepting new clients. Please contact [email protected] or 613-623-6547 e.228 x to learn more.