CEO Blog: Goals for 2015-2016

Arnprior Regional Health continues to aggressively pursue its vision “to be recognized for exemplary care”.  Our activities to achieve this vision are prioritized by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.  Specifically, the Board establishes goals under five pillars.  The pillars provide the foundation for setting organizational goals and direction as well as providing consistency and focus.  The pillar model also helps our organization understand its performance on a system-wide basis.Our five pillars are Experience, Quality, People, Finance, Community, and are defined below:

  1. Experience – How our patients, residents and clients perceive their experience;
  2. Quality – How we plan, deliver and evaluate the quality of services provided in the hospital, nursing home and Assisted Living Services;
  3. People – How staff and physicians perceive their engagement at ARH;
  4. Finance – How we effectively deploy and achieve value from our financial resources across the various services of the corporation;
  5. Community – How we engage our community, partners, and government in the planning, delivery and evaluation of our services.


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