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There is nothing more important to our Community than our local Health Care.

Christmas 2016

Dear Members of the Community,

It was the early 1940’s in Arnprior and Harry’s son hadn’t been feeling well all day. That evening a really bad case of tonsillitis flared up. As there was no hospital in Arnprior the only option was to drive to Renfrew. On the way to the hospital, Harry said to his son, “This is ridiculous. We should have our own hospital. In a real emergency, we’d be in big trouble.”

At Renfrew, they took out the child’s tonsils while Harry spent the night sleeping in a chair. They waited until noon the next day before they could head back home exhausted. Just as the rest of the family sat down for dinner screaming came from the child’s bedroom. They rushedto his room to find their son bleeding from the mouth, the stitches in the back of his throat had come undone.  Harry placed the child in the car to head to Renfrew for the second time in 24 hours. Dinner was left uneaten on the table. Nothing was said during the ride to Renfrew. On their return and sensing his father’s displeasure, his son meekly said, “Thanks dad.” Harry’s reply was, “Never Again.”

The next day Harry rallied some of his more influential colleagues in town and they formed the New Hospital Committee. Within days they made a deal to buy the house that became Arnprior’s first hospital. As the child grew up he would regularly inform his friends that the hospital was built just for him. As an adult he understood the importance of keeping healthcare close to home, not just for him and his family but for a vibrant community that he loved so well.

He became instrumental on numerous capital campaigns to help grow the hospital and to build the Grove Nursing Home. He sat on many committees and became board chair. In 2009 when the need to redevelop the Emergency Department was brought forth, he helped form the Partners in Caring Foundation.

Tommy Sullivan lived in Anrprior all his life and along with his wife Coreen Bell raised 5 children. He encouraged everyone he met to support this wonderful community and instilled this in his family as well.

This Christmas Season we would like to ask you to join us, just like Harry and his influential colleagues did so many years ago. While we don’t need to build a new hospital, we do need to keep up to date with our equipment.

This past year, due to the generosity of our donors, we’ve been able to purchase new beds for The Grove Nursing Home, and a new ultrasound table in Diagnostic Imaging for more accurate diagnoses, which means more effective treatment.

Your donation can change lives! It goes so much deeper than dollars and cents. This year, thanks to the support of our community, we’ve been able to purchase new equipment that makes an incredible difference for patients and residents in their time of need.

It means that we can continue to be an all-round care facility, with different departments to address different health concerns. Your gift mean that patients don’t need to travel to bigger hospitals in Ottawa or Kingston for their treatment. They can stay right here and recover while surrounded by friends and family, in their own neighbourhood.

That is what a gift to the Arnprior Regional Health Foundation truly is. It’s helping the people in our community when they need it most.

One of the advances in healthcare is digital Xray and this is what we are fundraising for this year. We must keep pace with modern medicine. It’s vital to invest in the hospital and its equipment. So that we can save more lives and provide patients with the best care we can possibly offer.

We pride ourselves on exemplary care. It’s the care that every single person deserves. It is only possible when we know we have the support of the Arnprior community standing behind us. That’s why we’re asking you to make a heartfelt gift to the Arnprior Regional Health Foundation today.

In supporting Arnprior Regional Health, you’ll ensure that we can continue to provide high-quality health care with dignity and respect. Arnprior Regional Health helps so many people. In turn we count on the community to help us. Your giftwill help the whole region – your family, your neighbours, and maybe one day, even yourself.

At ARH we owe a lot of thanks to those original community members who worked hard to ensure we had a hospital here in our community. Tommy was family to me and always supported me in my desire to become a doctor. I am proud to be part of his legacy.

Wishing you all the best,


Dr. Cathy Greenough (Internist)

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