CEO Blog: Engagement of patients, residents, clients and families

CEO Blog: Engagement of patients, residents, clients and families

Arnprior Regional Health continues to identify opportunities to increase the engagement of patients, residents, clients and families in their care.  In a study[1]  completed in 2013, the authors concluded that hospitals have opportunities to improve communication with patients.  In particular, the authors noted:

“Patient whiteboards help physicians and ancillary staff with communication, improve patients’ awareness of their care team, admission plans and duration of admission, and significantly improve patient overall satisfaction.”

In April of 2015 ARH the hospital introduced patient communication boards on the Inpatient Unit (44 patients).  This patient communication board is updated on a regular basis with information that informs not only the patient, but families and visitors, of key elements of the patients care.  As the graphic below illustrates the communication board includes: nurse’s name, doctor’s name, the name the patient prefers to be called and key aspects of their care plan such as discharge day, goals for the day and scheduled tests.


Comments obtained from our patients during post discharge phone calls confirm that these patient communications boards are having a positive impact.  Some of their comments are noted below.

  • “I appreciated the way the nurses interacted with me with the communication boards”
  • “I liked the communication boards and I found it was helpful to my family when they wanted to know who my nurse was”


Patient communication boards are used to keep patients informed of a variety of aspects of ones care. In addition to the benefits attributed to the patients we noted that implementing patient communication boards has put our interdisciplinary team closer to the bedside and improves information shared between our patients and their care team.

Our vision is to be recognized for exemplary care, and we are pleased to confirm that the use of this new communication tool will create a better experience for the patient and their families.

[1]Patient whiteboards to improve patient-centred care in the hospital.

Tan M, Hooper Evans K, Braddock CH 3rd, Shieh L.

Postgrad Med J. 2013

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