Engaged public helping ARH improve its care

April 25, 2017-

Engaged public helping Arnprior Regional Health improve its care Feedback important in the effort to provide exemplary care at Arnprior hospital, Grove

Arnprior Chronicle-Guide

By Eric Hanna

To the editor:

In celebration of Patient Experience Week and the great work being done at Arnprior Regional Health to improve patient and family‐centred care, I wanted to highlight a few initiatives that have been achieved this past year:

  • The Patient Family Advisory Council provided insight into our patient handouts such as what to do prior to a scheduled ultrasound and what to expect following hand surgery. They also completed taste testing of our meals and commented “these are like restaurant meals.”
  • At the Grove Nursing Home, the Family Council and Resident Council supported the development of quality improvement initiatives including a focus of decreasing falls. This year our goal was to reduce falls to 11.1 per cent of residents and, in fact, we exceeded this goal with a rate of 8.1 per cent. While this is an improvement, we recognize a small opportunity remains.
  • Our post discharge phone calls to patients helped to reduce readmission rates. It also provided ongoing information from the patient’s perspective of where we have succeeded in creating a patient and family‐centred environment and confirmed other future opportunities for further investigation. Thank you to the more than 1,000 patients who took the time to talk to our team during post discharge phone calls.

Going forward Arnprior Regional Health anticipates an increased role for patient and family engagement. We envisage three levels of involvement including: a) personal care and health decisions; b) program and service design; and c) policy and strategy at the governance level.

Our organization has patient/resident and client experience as a strategic priority for next year. ARH has set three strategic goals in the experience pillar, aimed at improving patient/resident/client satisfaction, experience and engagement:

  1. Goal#1 – Increase the “overall rating” top box improvement scores of the patient experience survey for Inpatients and the Emergency Department by 2 per cent each, for a total of a 4 per cent improvement by Feb. 28, 2017.
  2. Goal #2 – Achieve a result of 88 per cent excellent for the percentage of residents who respond “definitely” to the question: “Would you recommend this nursing home to others?”
  3. Goal#3 – Improve the percentage of clients in the Adult Day Program and the Assisted Living Services Program who respond “definitely yes” to the question: “Would you recommend this program to others?” by 5 per cent from baseline in 2015/16 to quarter four of 2016/17.

In addition to these goals, we have allocated $50,000 in capital dollars for 2016/17 for building renovations or furniture/equipment aimed at improving the patient/resident/client experience.

Next year our advisors, including the Patient Family Advisory Council, will be busy discussing visiting hours and implementing a collaborative campaign ‘Better Together’.

I am confident we are on the right path to increased engagement of our patients, residents, clients and their families.

The vision of Arnprior Regional Health is to be recognized for exemplary care.

I want to acknowledge the passion, caring, and commitment of our team at Arnprior Regional Health, but we know working alone without you will result in suboptimal results. My thanks to those of you who have helped us on this journey by providing your feedback and volunteering your time to create exemplary care.

In closing, let me share with you one recent testimonial I received a few weeks ago:

“Right from the time that I stepped onto your hospital’s grounds, I received excellent care that was second to none … In my 70 years I have been to many hospitals, but never have I experienced the pleasant and professional care that I received at your facilities. Many thanks to your great team.”


Eric Hanna, president and CEO

Arnprior Regional Health