Emerging Leader: Sandra Brydges

Sandra Brydges currently works in Switchboard, but in her 22-year career with Arnprior Regional Health she has worked in almost every department.

“Over the years I’ve worked in breast screening, I worked in outpatient registration. I recently spent some time in OR booking. I have been a part of some different Meditech implementations… Whatever the clerking positions are, I’ve touched it in some way or another,” says Sandra, who is currently part of the 2023 Emerging Leaders cohort.

Sandra’s varied experience has helped her to develop a bird’s eye view of the organization and its operation, and developing processes has become one of her strengths.

“I love to teach and train and share my knowledge with new colleagues. Even current coworkers, sometimes we sort of forget processes along the way. So, I take that role in that department of trying to reinforce how we got to certain processes and how important they are for the whole hospital.”

Working on communication

Sandra’s ability to consider the entire organization made her a fantastic candidate for the Emerging Leaders program.

“Colleagues might have different ideas or suggestions, but before we change it, we need to look at the impact of other departments, how it might affect them, and how it affects everyone else. Something might feel like a small change, but it could have a big impact somewhere else.”

Communication around changes is something Sandra is able to work on as part of the program.

“I’m trying to learn and develop and grow in my communication skills. The Emerging Leaders program is helping me learn how best to get suggestions across – whether it is to coworkers, or the manager. The best way to enact change, to get buy-in, that sort of thing.”

Future plans

With the skills she is learning in the program, Sandra could see herself being part of training initiatives, and helping to develop robust processes – an important part of keeping an organization the size of ARH running smoothly.

“I’d love to be able to help develop a good strong reference manual, checklists, training orientation, that sort of thing. Keeping track of colleagues after training, following up with them, all those little things – having processes around those. That requires really great communication and the ability to work across departments. This program is definitely helping me in that way.”

When not at work

When she isn’t at work, Sandra is a voracious reader. She loves supporting new indie writers. She recently attended a book conference with her daughter in Banff and enjoyed getting books signed by some of her favourite authors.

She shares her home with two adorable rescue cats, Buffy and Ash, who she is slowly trying to win over.