CEO Blog: Celebrating the staff at ARH

CEO Blog: Celebrating the staff at ARH

June 2016 –

As with many organizations, we celebrate the years of service one provides to an organization.   This year we recognized fifty staff members representing over 705 years of employment service to ARH.  I am proud to say that we have people working as part of the ARH team for under one week and a few that have been here more than 45 years!   The dedication and loyalty many of our staff have towards our organization is exceptional.  Thank you everyone!

Arnprior Regional Health is also very proud of the vibrant culture we are building!  This culture is based upon the values of the corporation – Honesty, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork (HART).  Having our own individual values aligned with the values of the organization helps all of us provide the best patient/resident/client experience along with the best opportunity for our patients/resident/clients to achieve their health care goals.

In our most recent employee engagement survey, 73% of employees reported that their values were similar to the organization.  This is an increase of 14% from five years ago where the results indicated only 59% of employees had similar values to the organization.

There is a saying that some things are not rocket science.  However, I would add “but they are hard to do”.  Ensuring the alignment of one’s personal values with those of the organization is just that – “it’s not rocket science” to suggest it should be the case, “but it is hard” to ensure that it happens.

At ARH, we want to acknowledge when things are going well, but more importantly we want to celebrate when we sustain results.  Living our values is one of those celebrations.  In keeping with this ARH has created the annual HART awards.

The HART Award – is awarded to employees at the Hospital & Grove and a physician who best champion ARH’s values of Honesty, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork.   Nominations from staff and physicians at ARH determine recipients.  Awards are presented at the same time as the long service awards.  However, the recipients are not aware they are a winner; rather only aware they have been nominated.

This year’s winners of the HART award are Julie Byers, a health information professional at the hospital; Grove RPN Jill Giles; and Dr. Terence Woods of the Emergency Department.

Years of service are certainly very important to one’s individual personal milestones. However, the recognition from one’s peers seems to be equally if not more gratifying to our recipients this year.

“Receiving this award means a lot, and really validates that everything I do on a daily basis means something to my peers and residents at the Grove”
Jill Giles

 “I started at the Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital 15 years ago and have seen a lot of positive change from that time until now…..even the name has changed to Arnprior Regional Health.  It is an environment that makes it easier for me to live the values of ARH; Honesty, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork.  I feel that people notice and appreciate when you work hard and you are recognized for that. I believe ARH consists of a great group of people and feel honored that some of these people appreciate me enough to nominate and award me the H.A.R.T. award this year.  I feel valued by the organization and the ARH team.”

Julie Byers

“It’s fulfilling to be part of a hospital-wide team in which efforts to improve people’s experiences are encouraged and recognized. I’ve seen positive changes in this regard over the last few years here, especially in terms of seeing each patient’s case as a shared problem to be solved rather than a simple consumer-provider relationship. It makes for a fun place to work when people respect patients and their colleagues.”

Dr Terence Woods

The culture at Arnprior Regional Health, as illustrated by living the values, is alive and well.  With a positive and collaborative culture we have seen staff turnover decline to less than 3%, patient/resident/client satisfaction ratings continue improving and overall staff engagement to be higher than the average of our peers!

The annual HART awards are just one of the many ways we celebrate at Arnprior Regional Health.

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