Ashley Barr: Focused on helping each resident have a great day

When Ashley Barr was in high school, her mom worked as the Grove’s cook and it sparked her own interest in healthcare.

“I did my high school co-op hours at the Grove—I really enjoyed it and never left,” explained Ashley. “That’s how I got into my dietary aide position.”

Fast forward 11 years and Ashley is thrilled she stayed.

“I absolutely love my job and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.”

One big family

Ashley describes the Grove team as one big family and that each staff members shares the same focus – the residents.

“Whether you work in the kitchen or as a PSW, we all want the best for our residents,” said Ashley. “If there is something I can do to make a resident smile or see that twinkle in their eyes, that makes my whole day.”

This sense of family has helped carry the team through the pandemic.

“Through COVID there have been challenges,” reflected Ashley. “But we have all kept focused on why we are here. I know that the days may be tough or long, but I’m also happy to come back the next day.”

A transition to cooking

As a dietary aide, Ashley prepares beverages and serves the residents their meals. She has started to take the cooks course and has also begun moving into the temporary full time cook position at the Grove.

“I love working in the kitchen, preparing meals that I think would look nice and be tasty for our residents.”

Ashley is taking the cooks course remotely and practices at home in her kitchen. She is excited to be able to provide residents with healthy meals that they enjoy.

“I always ask the residents for feedback about the food we serve. We will always change things around if there are other suggestion so that residents are served meals they like to eat.”