ARH team delivers a smooth Patient Care Services optimization go-live

Meditech leadership team

Meditech Marvels led the way to a successful Patient Care Services (PCS) optimization go-live on the inpatient unit on June 4.

The enhancements introduced significantly improve the safety in the way ARH delivers care to patients.

Caitlin Monette has been a RPN on the ARH inpatient unit for six years. She was recommended and encouraged to be a superuser (aka Meditech Marvels) for this major milestone because of her comfort with new technologies.

“One major upgrade is we got rid of the clocks that would prompt what to chart, which caused a lot of duplication and made charting inefficient because some of the prompts wouldn’t always apply to your patient. Now, we chart what makes sense for each patient.”

Caitlin was impressed with how smoothly the go-live went and feels it makes for better transitions between nurses.

“The PCS optimization gives us a better picture of our patients. When we’re coming on shift, the system tells you upfront the patient’s vitals and when their last bowel movement was, for example.”

Three additional clinical enhancements to the ARH electronic documentation system will be introduced over the next year.

“Our team was phenomenal. They were prepared, anticipated the potential issues, educated the staff and ensured that they were supported,” said Susan Leach, Vice President, Patient/Resident Services, Chief Nursing Executive.

A special thank you to the Meditech leadership team: Susan Leach, Andrea McClymont, Denyse Mercer, Dr. Suzuki, Rosa Vigliotti, Vicki Hallas, Brad Hilker, and Anne Reich,

Kudos to the super users (aka Meditech Marvels): Kim Edge, David Carter, Navneet Bal,
Rebecca Mohr, Caitlin Monette and Jodie Salter.