ARH celebrates four graduates from Emerging Leaders program

January 29, 2024 – Four hard-working leaders have graduated from Arnprior Regional Health (ARH)’s Emerging Leaders program. After 12 months of course work and training sessions, these graduates are excited to apply what they’ve learned.


Michaela McClymont started the Emerging Leaders program as the Community Programs Coordinator and was promoted to Life Enrichment Manager In August 2023.

“The most important thing that I feel I learned during the Emerging Leader’s Program,” says Michaela,  “was abundance of knowledge, talent and skills that my colleagues have that are also in the program. Through our 1:1 and group discussions, I learned about other departments within ARH at the Hospital and the Grove and it was beneficial for me to become more knowledgeable on the roles of my colleagues.”




Carl Oickle has been at ARH just over a year and a half now, and he is making an impact as Lead Hand of Housekeeping and Laundry at the Grove.

“The Emerging Leaders program has helped me bridge the knowledge that I have learned from my previous career and shed light on to how I can contribute to the ongoing success here at ARH,” says Carl. “This program has reiterated the importance of good communication, leading by example and of course that it is the people that we work with everyday that make us GREAT.” Carl looks forward to leading the EVS team at the Grove.





Erica McCormick has been at ARH since 2014, and is now the Telemedicine Coordinator for the Hospital.

“I think the most important thing I learned in the program was how to communicate effectively, especially in tough situations,” says Erica. “My immediate goals are to increase the telemedicine volume back to pre pandemic levels and continue building the program up to it’s full potential.”






Sandra Brydges currently works in Switchboard, but in her 22-year career with ARH she has worked in almost every department.

    • “One big thing I learned in the program was that no matter how many strategies that are put into place,  if those on the frontlines cannot feel connected to it – success will be hard to achieve,” says Sandra. “I am really looking forward to implementing some process changes informed by what I’ve learned in Emerging Leaders, and working on resource materials for staff.”




Media contact:

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Communications and Community Engagement Lead

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