ARH celebrates Employee and Physician Service Recognition and Awards

Arnprior Regional Health wrapped up 2021 by celebrating the Employee and Physician Service Recognition and Awards (in a pandemic fashion). A key focus was the HART Awards— a chance for staff and physicians to nominate team members who are committed to living the organization’s values of honesty, accountability, respect, and teamwork.

Please join ARH in congratulating this year’s HART Award recipients:

Corey Bovin – HART (Hospital)

Marianne Curtis – HART (Grove)

Dr. Greenough – HART (Physician)

Dillon Elder – Rising Star (Hospital)

Carrie Macklem – Rising Star (Grove)

Joshua Chretien – Leadership

Chelsea Daze – Person & Family Centred Care

Connected Care Team – Team Excellence

**Team members include:

Stacey Adler

Sue Bremner

Sandra Brydges

Josh Chretien

Chance Fillator

Dr. Garcia

Melissa Gray

Vicki Hallas

Bev Harrison

MaryLou Higginson

Liz Hill

Brad Hilker

Sarah Lacasse

Roslyn Landriault

Susan Leach

Andrea McClymont

Rebecca Mohr

Mosammet Nazneen

Leigh-Ann O’Connor

Josh Paterson

Lina Perrier

Anne Reich

Jodi Salter

Matt Sharpe

Dave Stephen

Becky Wingate

Tennille Wright

Rosa Vigliotti

Grove Move Team – Team Excellence

**Team members include:

Ashley Angel

Ashley Barr

Christina Carnegie

Marianne Curtis

Angela Fraser

Beth Fraser

Kim Fraser

John Gruno

Lilly Jennings

Bailey Kausch

Amber Lapierre

Audrey Leblond

Jennifer MacElwee

Sunshyne Mason

Roxy Perreault

Phyllis Proulx

Matthew Raudssus

Bonnie Riedel

Ashley Sulpher

Jennifer Theron

Samantha Turner

Courtney Walsh