Amanda Cavanagh: Invested in patient safety and rehabilitation

Amanda Cavanagh: Invested in patient safety and rehabilitation

Amanda Cavanagh loves getting involved in her work community and is an active member of ARH’s Social Committee, the CUPE representative for the Joint Health and Safety Committee and is part of the Nursing Week Planning Committee.

“I spend more time with the people in this building than I do with my own family, so it’s kind of like my second family,” reflected Amanda, Physiotherapist Assistant, Inpatient Unit (IPU). “Prior to COVID, I would try to go around regularly and say hi to colleagues in other departments.”

A pull to the hospital setting

When Amanda graduated from the Physiotherapist Assistant/Occupational Therapist Assistant Program, she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do next.

“I did gravitate more towards the hospital setting and rehabilitation part of physiotherapy – I really found my niche when I started working at the Pembroke Regional Hospital.”

Amanda Cavanagh, Physiotherapist Assistant, Inpatient Unit

After buying a home in Kinburn, the right opportunity came up at ARH and Amanda has been in her Physiotherapist Assistant role for nearly 15 years.

“I’m invested in the community and ARH has a friendly atmosphere, and everyone is so welcoming – it’s just a great place to work.”

Helping patients return home safely

Up until recently, Amanda split her time between outpatient and inpatient physiotherapy. She now works full-time on the IPU providing dedicated support to the physiotherapist and more time with the patients.

“Without our physiotherapy support, many patients’ length of stay would increase,” said Amanda. “Being on the floor, we’re able to get patients mobilized sooner, faster and safely so they are able to return home.”

Through the mobility work with patients, Amanda and the team’s main focus is safety.

“We’re always considering what is safe for our patients and how we can get them moving safely while also keeping our staff safe, too.”

Parenting through COVID

Amanda has two kids, Trevor who is turning 12 and Payton who is 9. Over the past 15 months, it has been difficult juggling the periods of virtual learning.

“If I didn’t have my parents’ support, I don’t know how we could have coped with schools transitioning to online,” reflected Amanda. “We’ve been co-parenting with my parents, and it has been stressful at times but we’re all coping well.”

To mark the end of COVID-19, Amanda and the other Social Committee members have a few ideas in mind.

“I really hope once we’re given the green light that we can have a big Kick-COVID-To-The-Curb party!”

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