Alma Delarge: The behind-the-scenes puzzle master who always delivers

When a staffing position came up at an Ottawa hospital, Alma Delarge’s good friend knew she would be a great fit. She was eventually convinced to apply for the job—and got it.

Alma Delarge, Staffing and        Administrative Coordinator.

More than 20 years later, Alma continues to find fulfillment in the challenge of solving staffing puzzles.

“From day to day, staffing is never the same,” said Alma, who joined the ARH team in 2018 as the Staffing and Administrative Coordinator. “Most days are like a puzzle figuring out how to fill shifts and plan schedules. I get bored easily, so I enjoy the pace and love the challenge.”

Happy to be back home in the Valley

Alma lived in West Carleton for many years while she worked in Ottawa. When her parents became ill, she moved back home to the Renfrew area and ended up buying their farm.

She did the commute into Ottawa until the staffing position at ARH became available.

“I’ve enjoyed being in the smaller community again,” said Alma. “There’s a closeness here that you don’t get at a larger hospital. I like being home again.”

Problem solving and filling shifts

Alma does not shy away from juggling many different challenges at once and thrives when she is faced with multiple problems to solve– staffing has been the ideal fit.

Since coming to ARH, Alma has expanded her role to take on the staffing duties for the Grove Nursing Home in addition to the Hospital (Emergency Department, Inpatient Unit, Operating Room, and MDRD).

“Alma works very hard behind the scenes ensuring that the Hospital and Grove are appropriately staffed at all times,” said Rosa Vigliotti, Manager, Inpatient Unit. “We are fortunate to have Alma on our team and can depend on her to find solutions to cover shifts and address staffing requests.”