Accreditation Canada survey will strengthen ARH’s commitment to quality care

Accreditation Canada survey will strengthen ARH’s commitment to quality care

When you come to Arnprior Regional Health (ARH) from September 12 to 15, 2022, you may notice some extra activity and excitement as the organization hosts Accreditation Canada surveyors as part of its commitment to quality care and services.

“Accreditation touches our whole organization because every team member and department are vital to the delivery of safe, quality care,” said Leah Levesque, President and CEO, ARH.  “The on-site survey is more than measurement of our quality care and practices; it helps us identify opportunities and new ways to improve patient and resident care and services and ensure we remain transparent and accountable to our community.”

Every four years, the Accreditation process includes a four-day on-site visit from healthcare professionals representing Accreditation Canada who meet with staff, physicians, patients, residents, families, and volunteers to understand the Hospital, Grove and Community Program’s care practices, policies and overall commitment to quality and safety. The Accreditation process is one of many ways ARH gathers feedback and evaluates quality to determine the focus for improvements.

“Quality is at ARH’s core from bedside to boardroom and we are committed to Accreditation as part of our continuous process to identify and implement improvements,” explained Raeline McGrath, VP, Patient Care and Chief Nurse Executive, who is also the ARH lead for Accreditation.

Accreditation preparation has included:

  • Confirmation of compliance with required organizational practices that address high-risk areas in health care (e.g. falls prevention, medication safety)
  • Assessment of standards/best practices as outlined by Accreditation Canada
  • Roll out of team education sessions
  • A series of mock exercises in various areas of the organization
  • Review of corporate and departmental policies and practices

“Our teams have made a big push to prepare for Accreditation Canada’s on-site survey in September while we actively manage the impacts of the pandemic,” explained Raeline. “COVID-19 hasn’t stopped for Accreditation, and the silver lining is the past two and half years have given us new experiences and important lessons that have further strengthened our delivery of safe, quality care.”