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A range of activities and events is offered through the recreation program at The Grove Nursing Home. Some of the programs are listed below. To discuss these programs please speak to a member of the Recreation Department at 613-623-6547 x228.

The Recreation Department is focused on the fundamentals of recreation: emotional, physical, intellectual/cognitive, social and spiritual. Working with residents on each of these aspects is to maintain the skills, knowledge and behaviors to allow them to enhance their quality of life as they continue to age.

Below is a listing of programs offered by the Recreation Department. Each program is linked to the fundamental goal of the program. New programs are added when there is a need. You may click here to see a sample of a monthly calendar to get an idea of a day in the life of a resident.

Bingo: A popular activity currently offered on Monday and Saturday. To encourage participation a large visual board has been created. Bingo helps fulfill the social and intellectual/cognitive needs.

Birthday Parties are always a great social event and are celebrated with enthusiasm once a month at the Grove. On the second Wednesday on the month cake, entertainment and flowers compliments of Mel’s Flowers compliment the social needs of the residents. Birthday celebrations are open to all residents and everyone is encouraged to attend.

A Book Club is offered on Monday evenings. The group selects the book and a volunteer reads the selection to the group. A discussion follows the reading. This focuses on the cognitive and social.

The emotional needs of residents are the focus of the Dove Spa. A group program designed to relax, rejuvenate and pamper residents using a variety of spa inspired techniques such as beauty therapy, aromatherapy, and heat therapy and relaxing massage techniques.

At all times in our lives fitness is very important but especially as we age. The physical program at the Grove is based on the individual’s abilities and there is something to do every morning and every day of the week. Staying active is important and the recreation staff will work with each resident to ensure their fitness needs are met.

Fit to Fall Program
A fitness program can help reduce the risk of falls. Fall prevention is an important goal at the Grove Nursing Home and every staff is responsible to reduce the risk of falls. The exercise program is offered daily with a lot of variety to help with balance and strength. Residents receive range-of-motion exercises for their arms, legs, neck, feet and/or hands. Some residents use exercise bikes to exercise their legs; others use walkers or walk along the parallel bars.

Garden Guild: Many gardeners appreciate the calm and sense of accomplishment that comes from tending plants. This does not change as we age. This program focuses on planting and nature related themes. Education and discussions about selected topics, hands on activities and occasional guest speakers are all parts of the program.

Manicures: Once a week, manicures are offered at our on-site beauty salon at no cost.

Outings: a variety of Monthly outings are offered dependent on time of year. Residents may choose to go out for lunch, shopping, picnics, leaf tours, the sugar bush, friendship days with the community etc. Volunteers assist to make resident outings more pleasurable. The Grove Nursing Home is also committed to partnering with other homes.

Intergenerational Program

Keeping the social needs of residents in mind an intergenerational program takes place with students from St. Joseph’s School. Grade 7 and Grade 3 students spend one hour 3 times a month speaking with residents at the Grove. Residents speak of the times and events they have lived through with the students.


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