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Transfusion Clinic

A Medical Day Program has been introduced in order to better serve our patients.

The Day Program accommodates the following procedures: blood transfusions, IVIG, Albumim, Iron Infusions, Pamidronate and phlebotomy.

Your family doctor will refer you to this program should it be needed.

All patients requiring a blood transfusion will to complete blood work several days prior to receiving a transfusion.  You will told where and when to do this.

When you arrive at the Arnprior & District Memorial Hospital, for this procedure, you will register at the Outpatient B Entrance.


Below is an article that appeared in the local paper about the Medical Day Program from the patient's point of view:


Would it surprise you to know that at Arnprior Regional Health we use on average about 25 units of blood per week?  There are two clinical areas responsible for blood utilization; the emergency department and the Medical Day Program, a program implemented this past year.  

Through the emergency department, blood is used for many reasons. Patients receiving blood can be due to low platelets in cancer patients, victims of motor vehicle accidents, injuries resulting in a loss of blood, and many other critical situations. Patients on route to a larger trauma centre may receive blood in the ambulance.  These are the unforeseen or unplanned uses of blood. 

The Medical Day Program began in October 2011 and runs each Wednesday. The Medical Day Program is for patients requiring procedures such as: blood transfusions, IVIG, Albumin, Iron Infusions, Pamidronate and phlebotomy. These procedures were previously done in the emergency department as it was necessary for patients to be monitored the entire time by a registered nurse. While our new Emergency Department is a much improved space than before it is nicer for patients to have a room dedicated to their specific procedures. Depending on the procedure required, it can take anywhere from one to seven hours. “The Medical Day Program is of great benefit to our patients. Dedicated appointment times away from the rush of the emergency department help facilitate access to day procedures in a timely manner” said Dr. Jennifer Rivington.

Francis has been coming into ARH since March 2012. Prior to using the services here at ARH, his son would take time off work and drive him to one of the hospitals in the city.  On the days his son was unavailable to take him, Francis would rely on Seniors at Home to get him to the hospital. 

Francis requires blood transfusions every three weeks as his hemoglobin levels keep going down to 90. The normal range for an adult male is 140-180. These frequent visits were taxing on him and he is so grateful to receive transfusions in the community where he lives.

“It is so much better to come to our local hospital. I feel more comfortable here, it’s a familiar place to me, not only do I live in this community but I also spent about 5 years working in maintenance at ADMH” Francis explains.

The medical day program runs on Wednesdays and is staffed by a registered nurse at all times. It is a well used program and goes through about 15 units of blood on a weekly basis as each patient typically receives 2-3 units per visit.

“I feel it’s been full circle” says Francis, “for years my wife and I were blood donors and now here I am on the receiving end.”

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